Struan Stevenson MEP to go head-to-head with Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables

Two towering figures on opposite sides of Scotland’s discussion on renewable energy are set to debate each other on the merits of Scotland’s rush for green energy tomorrow, Tuesday 23 July.

Billed as ‘The Clash of the Titans’, Scottish Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson will go head-to-head with Niall Stuart, the Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, in a contest that will examine the arguments for and against renewable energy policies, most especially around wind energy.

The debate forms part of the 2013 Summer University for European Parliament interpreters and will be hosted by the offices of the European Parliament in Edinburgh. Organisers are expecting a full house as these two giants in Scotland’s renewable energy world tussle over the country’s hotly-contested green energy policies before a group of 58 parliamentary interpreters.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Struan Stevenson MEP said:

“I’m delighted to share the stage with Niall Stuart and look forward to a challenging and thought-provoking debate. Renewable energy is an issue of top concern for many Scots up and down the country and I look forward to debating some of these key issues.

“I firmly believe that we must urgently and substantively examine the arguments behind the pursuit of renewable energy in order to enhance the public understanding of the consequences of these policies. Why, for instance, should Scotland’s cash-strapped energy consumers, tens of thousands of whom are in fuel poverty, subsidise multinational wind energy developers to destroy our cherished landscape with inefficient turbines that then fail to make a dent in reducing Scotland’s carbon emissions? It simply doesn’t make sense.

“I have no doubt that if properly examined, the arguments in favour of wind energy and other egregious green energy follies will collapse like a house of cards.”