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Monday, 27th May 2013

Iran’s election: A choice between Satan and the devil?

If there was ever any doubt that the Iranian regime of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei was on its last legs, his government has now presented the necessary evidence. It has barred the candidacy of the two men who might have displayed anti-regime credentials. Unlike countries where fair elections are held, Iran has rules that guarantee the results. If the ruling mullahs don’t like or fear a candidate, they simply don’t allow them onto the ballot paper.

Monday, 13th May 2013

Heliex Power

Many scientists argue that we could save 75% of the energy we use by improving energy efficiency. Indeed the most effective way to reduce carbon emissions, instead of covering Scotland with useless and costly industrial wind turbines, would be to reduce the amount of energy we waste. A Scottish company is about to explode onto the world’s business pages by putting this theory into practice.