Let us be clear about one thing, the crisis in Iraq was created by Nouri al-Maliki and his sponsors in Iran. They laid the groundwork for ISIS. The only way to solve the crisis is to expel the Iranian regime and all its cohorts and affiliated militias from Iraq. Then we must reintegrate the Sunnis into the political process by bringing back prominent people expelled by Maliki like Dr Tariq al-Hashemi. Finally, we need to enlist the Sunni tribes to fight ISIS and throw them out of Iraq; that means the Americans and the Arab coalition must arm and train the Sunni tribes.

Camp Liberty

Let me ask the United Nations a few questions about Camp Liberty? Why do they call Camp Liberty a Temporary Transit Location when the refugees have been forced to live there for 41 months?  WHY? Why do they refuse to call it a refugee camp? WHY? Why have there been no enquiries into the massacres of these innocent, unarmed civilians that took place in Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty? WHY? Why have they allowed a medical siege of this refugee camp to continue unchallenged for years? WHY? The 2500 refugees in Camp Liberty are the flag-bearers for the future of Iran. They are heroes. I call on the US and the UN to protect these people, not to betray them.


I have just published a book entitled ‘SELF-SACRIFICE – Life with the Iranian Mojahedin'in which I identify the guilty and name and shame those who have betrayed the residents of Ashraf & Liberty. It is my personal testimony to the self-sacrifice of the PMOI over many decades and to the tens of thousands who have sacrificed their lives so that future generations in Iran can enjoy freedom from tyranny. I have dedicated my book to Mrs Rajavi and to peace and freedom for the Iranian people. Long live Mrs Rajavi. Long live the PMOI.