How easily the West allows itself to be repeatedly duped by the fascist rulers of Iran. Past masters at the art of deception, they have defied world opinion for the last ten years in their race to build nuclear weapons. Indeed, only two weeks ago, the National Council for Resistance in Iran (NCRI), who first alerted the world to the mullah’s covert nuclear sites, held a press conference in Washington, where they revealed yet another top-secret nuclear facility, buried deep underground at a military base in the suburbs of Tehran. This facility, known as Lavizan-3, is using advanced centrifuge machines to enrich weapons-grade uranium. It has been entirely hidden from international inspectors up until now.

The mullahs have successfully deployed the GOOD COP/BAD COP strategy to fool the West. Eight years of BAD COP Ahmadinejad unnerved the West to such an extent that military intervention began to emerge as a tactical option, particularly by Israel. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei realised that the only way to buy more time was to convince the West that a moderate GOOD COP had emerged as the new president of Iran. The arrival of Hassan Rouhani, apparently ticked all the boxes. The Western press crowed that this new ‘reasonable’ president, who had attended university in Glasgow, Scotland, would be open to dialogue on stopping the nuclear programme and would be a harbinger of positive change for the repressed masses in Iran. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, Rouhani would never have become President if he had not been part of the fascist establishment for the past three decades. He was chief nuclear negotiator with the European Troika, where he proudly declaredthat he had bought time to advance Iran’s nuclear weapons technology by deceiving the EU leaders that he was negotiating with. 

Over a year into Rouhani’s allegedly ‘moderate’ presidency, more than 1,100 people, many of them political prisoners, have been executed. On average, a prisoner has been hanged in public or in prisons in cities in Iran every seven hours. The executed include women and teenagers, and often people who were under the age of 15 when they were first arrested. Mass executions are now commonplace. Meanwhile organised gangs affiliated with the mullahs’ regime have been throwing acid on the faces of young women in Esfahan and other cities to blind and disfigure them for so-called ‘mal-veiling’. 

And yet, despite all of this, the West has fallen head-over-heels in love with the broadly smiling GOOD COP Hassan Rouhani. Indeed Rouhani is no longer smiling, he is laughing, literally all the way to the bank! His tactics of deception have fooled the West into reducing sanctions and effectively removing any threat of military intervention.

Meanwhile the West, crowing about our success in achieving meaningful dialogue with Iran, has blunted the only remaining tool with which we could have held the mullahs to account, because our main weapon in dealing with Iran is economic. In the spring of last year, over 100 European businessmen visited Tehran to explore new, lucrative contracts; the Iranians even held a major energy conference in London last summer, when leading oil companies from the West were encouraged to reopen contracts for oil and gas exploitation in Iran. This renewed surge of interest in commercial profits despite violations of basic human rights in Iran, has rescued the evil mullah regime when it was on the brink of collapse.

And what has the West won in return? Nothing. The fascist theocratic regime in Tehran is the main sponsor of war and terror in the Middle East. The mullahs export terror. They support the murderous Assad regime in Syria and they fund and arm Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. They continue relentlessly to spread their toxic dominion across Iraq, funding, arming and commanding the murderous Shiia militias, who wage genocidal war on the Sunni population under the pretext of fighting ISIS. 

We cannot continue with this policy of appeasement toward Iran, nor can we countenance military intervention. But we can show support for the vast majority of Iranian citizens who long for freedom and who pray for the fall of the fascist regime. The most tangible way to show our support is to back the biggest, best-organised and legitimate opposition – the PMOI and its inspirational leader Mrs Maryam Rajavi. To do so would send a clear message to the mullahs in Tehran that we are no longer prepared to stand idly by while they spread terror and death across the Middle East and the wider world. 

I have written a book entitled ‘SELF-SACRIFICE – Life with the Iranian Mojahedin', which will be published in June,to tell the story of the abject failure of the West’s policy of appeasement to the Iranian mullahs and their marionettes in Iraq. My book provides a disturbing account of the mistakes, duplicities and blunders that have led directly to the rise of ISIS and the catastrophic events that now engulf the Middle East. Iran has seized this opportunity to extend its malign influence. ISIS will not be defeated unless the Iraqi people rise up in unison to confront them and the Iraqi people will never unite unless the Iranian militias are first driven from their territory.

It is incredible that Obama does not understand this. As tens of thousands of Shiia militia fighters, under the command of the Iranian terrorist Quds Force General Qassem Suleimani, mass around Tikrit, in their bid to recapture it from ISIS, the Americans have begun airstrikes against key ISIS command centres. They have effectively become Iran’s military allies in the war against the Islamic State. This is a very dangerous and misguided strategy, which even if successful, will simply enable the Iranian regime and its brutal militias to replace ISIS, effectively taking over Iraq in the process. 

It is time for Obama to wake up. It took 8 years of bloodshed and disaster to get the Americans to recognise the catastrophic mistake they had made in supporting Nouri al-Maliki’s genocidal, sectarian dictatorship.US mistakes have played a decisive role in advancing Iraq’s implosion, the rise of ISIS, and Iran’s regional hegemony. From the time that Obama took office until today, violence in Iraq has increased almost fourfold, reaching levels not seen since the height of the civil war in 2006 and 2007. The Islamic State has conquered more than a third of the country while the Iraqi military has imploded, despite a $25 billion investment in it by American taxpayers.Conquests by the Shiite militias are being aided by millions of dollars in advanced American military hardware.

The White House must recognise the Iranian-backed Shiite militias for what they are: a tetra-headed monster that represents a clear and present danger to Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan and the broader Middle East, and thus to fundamental American national security interests. Evict the Iranians from Iraq; restore, retrain and revive the Iraqi military; unite the tribes and annihilate ISIS. This is the way to restore peace and the only way to undermine and finally overthrow the mullahs in Iran.