Kurdistan, Northern Iraq

4th October 2022

Q: Why Iran always targets KRG even if it’s crisis and problems aren’t related to KRG?

In a dangerous escalation of the conflict, on 28th September, the IRGC launched cross-border missile and drone strikes that killed 14 people in Iraqi Kurdistan, accusing rebel groups in the region of fuelling the unrest. The US said one of its citizens was killed in the air strikes. The Iranian clerical regime is like a wounded animal, lashing out in every direction in an attempt to cling on to power. They are facing the most serious nationwide uprising in the history of the Islamic Republic, sparked by the murder of 22-year-old Kurdish girl Mahsa Amini, beaten to death by the so-called ‘morality police’ for not wearing her hijab properly. The uprising has spread to 170 cities across Iran. Truck drivers, storekeepers and municipal workers have taken to the streets and called for a general strike in support of the uprising. Students in almost every university in Iran have joined the protests, chanting "woman, life, freedom", "the mullahs must get lost" and "death to the dictator", “death to Khamenei”. Even school children have joined the protests.

The mullahs’ regime has lashed out, killing more than 400 protesters and arresting over 20,000. Iran’s intelligence ministry has said that they have arrested “nine foreign nationals”, including from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland, accusing them of being “agents of foreign spy organizations” who have been helping to organize the protests. The German, French, British and Swedish embassies have been warned by the clerical regime over the involvement of their "agents" in the anti-government protests.

Q: After each attack US other western countries are quick to condemn the attack but we don’t see any real attempts from those countries especially US to do anything to protect KRG or prevent Iran from such a attacks?

The killing of an American citizen in the missile strike in Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as the appalling death of 13 Iraqis, is bound to inflame the US and western nations. The IRGC is a listed terrorist organisation and its attack on citizens of a neighbouring nation cannot be tolerated under international law. The arrest of European citizens inside Iran on accusations of being part of foreign spy organisations is yet another inflammatory move by the regime. They are rapidly becoming a pariah nation and it is now incumbent on the UN Security Council to condemn the brutal crackdown on the protesters inside Iran and to condemn the targeting of innocent civilians in cross border drone and missile attacks on Northern Iraq.

Q: If Iran attack KRG again do you see a stronger and firmer response from US?

The nationwide uprising in Iran, involving tens of millions of mostly young Iranian men and women, from all walks of life, is the explosive culmination of four decades of simmering fury and frustration at the repression, corruption, terrorism and warmongering of the mullahs’ regime. The killing of Mahsa Amini was the last straw; the straw that broke the camel’s back. The mullahs’ regime is now fighting for its survival and their days are numbered. Getting rid of this corrupt and dangerous regime will resolve many of the problems confronting the Middle East and the wider world.

Q: Should international community especially US provide KRG with Anti Missile system to protect itself from those attacks?

There I no doubt that the KRG should have the means to defend itself and its citizens from Iranian aggression. However, I sincerely believe that the mullahs’ theocratic regime is now on its last legs. The uprising has passed a crucial tipping point and I now doubt if Khamenei and Raisi and their criminal cohorts can survive.