Press Release

28 March 2015

Need to confront Iran’s aggression and occupation in the Middle East

The European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) expresses its support for the newly formed coalition to confront the occupation of Yemen by agents of the Iranian regime. EIFA reiterates that Tehran is the source of exporting terrorism, fundamentalism and extremism. The international community and the countries in the region must unite to evict this regimefromthe Middle East.

Iranian domination of Iraq is the first and most important element in this aggression and occupation. Thus expelling Iran from Iraq is crucial. 

Unfortunately the mistaken policies of the USA opened the gates of Iraq to the theocratic dictatorship of Iran and enabled the fascist mullahs to extend their dominion across Syria by propping up Bashir al-Assad’s bloody regime. Iran’s open support for the terrorist Houthi rebels in Yemen has also robbed that country of its internationally recognised government. Therefore the coalition against the occupation of Yemen by Iran should be extended to the full expulsion of this regime in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to overcome this obstacle for peace, security and democracy in the region. 

Struan Stevenson

EIFA President