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Monday, 22nd July 2013

Struan Stevenson MEP to go head-to-head with Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables

Two towering figures on opposite sides of Scotland’s discussion on renewable energy are set to debate each other on the merits of Scotland’s rush for green energy tomorrow, Tuesday 23 July.

Billed as ‘The Clash of the Titans’, Scottish Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson will go head-to-head with Niall Stuart, the Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, in a contest that will examine the arguments for and against renewable energy policies, most especially around wind energy.

Thursday, 11th July 2013

Stop this reckless attempt to shackle shale gas exploration, says Scots MEP

The search for potential deposits of much-needed shale gas could be severely hampered if MEPs are allowed to press ahead with proposals for over-zealous restrictions, a senior Conservative warned today.

Scottish Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson spoke out after the European Parliament’s Environment Committee controversially voted to include shale gas exploration on a list of activities which could only be allowed after a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Wednesday, 10th July 2013

Scots MEP calls for immediate end to the mistreatment of greyhounds in Europe

Scots Conservative Euro MP and longtime animal welfare campaigner Struan Stevenson yesterday lent his support to a campaign calling for the immediate end to the torture and mistreatment of greyhounds in Europe.

Monday, 8th July 2013

Democracy scorned in Iran

The International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI) has featured a portion of Struan's speech to the NCRI Grand Rally on its website.

Click here to visit the site.

Tuesday, 2nd July 2013

Struan Stevenson MEP welcomes Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra to Strasbourg

Scots Conservative Euro MP Struan Stevenson today welcomed 75 members of the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra to the European Parliament in Strasbourg on the first stop of their 2013 European tour.